Upgrading to a Newer Version

We generally recommend creating a backup of the ZooKeeper state before upgrading to be able to downgrade in case of problems after an upgrade. This can be done by creating a copy of ZooKeeper’s data directory.

Upgrading a non HA installation

Upgrading to a newer version of Marathon should be executed in the following order:

  1. Tear down the running instance of Marathon.
  2. Install the new version of Marathon.
  3. Start the new version of Marathon and watch the log for a successful start.

Upgrading an HA installation

Upgrading to a newer version of Marathon should be executed in the following order:

  1. Tear down all running instances of Marathon except one. This instance will be the leader.
  2. Install the new version of Marathon on one of the nodes with the old version.
  3. Start the instance with the new version of Marathon.
  4. Stop the last node with the old version. Now the new version of Marathon will take over leadership and becomes active.
  5. Watch the log of this instance for a successful start. There should be no ERROR or FATAL statements in the logs.
  6. Install the new version of Marathon on all remaining nodes with the old version.
  7. Start all other instances of Marathon to build a quorum.

Upgrading to 1.3

Marathon 1.2 Skipped in Favor of Marathon 1.3

We have been focusing our efforts on two big new features for the upcoming DC/OS v1.8 release and had to work around the feature freeze in the Marathon v1.2 release candidates. Therefore, we discontinued work on the v1.2 release in favor of a new Marathon v1.3 release candidate

Release Notes: https://github.com/mesosphere/marathon/releases/tag/v1.3.0

Breaking Changes

  • You need Mesos 1.0.0 or higher Starting with Marathon 1.3.0, Mesos 1.0.0 or later is required.

  • New leader election library The leader election code has been greatly improved and is based on Curator,a well-known, well-tested library. The new leader election functionality is now more robust.

Caution: The new leader election library is not compatible with Marathon versions prior to 1.3.0. To upgrade to this version, stop all older Marathon instances before the new version starts. Otherwise, there is a risk of more than one leading master.

  • Framework authentication command line flags Prior versions of Marathon have tried to authenticate whenever a principal has been provided via the command line. Framework authentication is now explicit. There is a command line toggle option for authentication: –mesos_authentication. This toggle is disabled by default. You must now supply this flag to use framework authentication.

  • Changed default values for TASK_LOST GC timeout If a task is declared lost in Mesos, but the reason indicates it might come back, Marathon waits for the task to come back for a certain amount of time. To configure the behavior you can use –task_lost_expunge_gc, –task_lost_expunge_initial_delay, –task_lost_expunge_interval. Until version 1.3 Marathon has handled TASK_LOST very conservatively: it waits for 24 hours for every task to come back. This version reduces the timeout to 75 seconds (task_lost_expunge_gc), while checking every 30 seconds (task_lost_expunge_interval).

Upgrading to 0.13

Release Notes: https://github.com/mesosphere/marathon/releases/tag/v0.13.0

Tasks keys and storage format in ZooKeeper changed in a backward incompatible fashion. Zookeeper compression is implemented and enabled by default. Older versions will not be able to read compressed entities. Marathon now uses logback as logging backend. If you are using custom log4j properties, you will have to migrate them to a logback configuration.

Upgrading to 0.11

Release Notes: https://github.com/mesosphere/marathon/releases/tag/v0.11.0

Java 8 or higher is needed to run Marathon, since Java 6 and 7 support has reached end of life. --revive_offers_for_new_apps is now the default. If you want to avoid resetting filters if new tasks need to be started, you can disable this by --disable_revive_offers_for_new_apps.

Upgrading to 0.10

Release Notes: https://github.com/mesosphere/marathon/releases/tag/v0.10.0 Release Notes: https://github.com/mesosphere/marathon/releases/tag/v0.9.0 Release Notes: https://github.com/mesosphere/marathon/releases/tag/v0.8.0

0.8, 0.9 and 0.10 only add new optional fields and do not change the storage format in an incompatible fashion. Thus, an upgrade should not require any migration. You can also rollback at any time in case of errors as long as you do not start using new features. Nevertheless we always recommend a backup of the Zookeeper state.

Upgrading from 0.6 to 0.7

Be aware that downgrading from versions >= 0.7.0 to older versions is not possible because of incompatible changes in the data format. See here for an upgrade guide from 0.6.* to 0.7.0