Exit Codes

Marathon follows the Let-it-crash pattern. Instead of trying to fix an illegal state it will stop itself to be restarted by its supervisor. The following exit codes should help you figure out why the Marathon process stopped.

Exit Code Reason
100 ZookeeperConnectionFailure - Could not connect to Zookeeper
101 ZookeeperConnectionLost - Lost connect to Zookeeper
102 PluginInitializationFailure - Could not load plugin
103 LeadershipLoss - Lost leadership
104 LeadershipEndedFaulty - Leadership ended with an error
105 LeadershipEndedGracefully - Leadership ended without an error
106 MesosSchedulerError - The Mesos scheduler driver had an error
107 UncaughtException - An internal unknown error could not be handled
108 The Framework ID could not be read.
137 Killed by an external process or uncaught exception