Getting Support for Marathon

Marathon is under constant development by the team at Mesosphere. The team keeps an eye on questions in a few places.

Jira Issues

We use JIRA for issue tracking and only keep GitHub issues around to not break existing links. Please file issues directly in JIRA.

Use Improvement or Bug depending on the context of your report. Also make sure to create the issue in project MARATHON, which is the preset as per the provided link. You don’t need to set any labels, components, or designate an assignee. Yet what helps us triaging your request is used version and environment, steps to reproduce, or any specific use case you have in mind.

You can sign in to JIRA using Github or Google as identity providers.

For all requests specific to the Marathon UI, we ask you to kindly supply the gui label.

Marathon Google Group

The marathon-framework Google Group is where team and community members ask and answer longer, potentially open-ended questions.

Stack Overflow “marathon” tag

The marathon” Stack Overflow tag is for specific questions that can be solved with a small amount of code.